Beware iphone 4 buyers!
June 26, 2010, 3:03 AM
Filed under: Electronics

I got my iphone 2 days ago and I must say – we were not informed of this little “enhancement” that could be damaging to our experience. Evidently, Apple decided to revamp the iphone 4 by miniaturizing their SIM card slot so that it can only fit the new “micro SIM” card. Well, this is not a problem for users in the US because this technology has already been introduced. So for us “non-US” users, check with your carrier if you can get this version of a SIM card before getting the phone. Also, using this card means that if you were to switch to another phone, you will also have to switch to another card, which may result in a hassle..


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Yes, I discovered that too late. I wanted to get the HTC Evo but been told that it’s not available in my part of the world. I bought the atrociously expensive iPhone out of my disappointment and before I could yet again change my mind, it was darn too late. Now I have the iPhone 4 and getting more and more disappointed. How come this did not come out in any of the reviews I’ve read?

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