Domestic Servants in Kuwait
December 28, 2009, 5:10 PM
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I know people read blogs to entertain themselves. And sometimes, some topics are just not so entertaining – but truth hurts. And some awareness won’t do much harm once in a while..

In Kuwait, many  live a life others only get to see on TV.  Drivers, cooks, nannies and house boys roaming all around them, just to make their life easier. But we are facing a problem with this lifestyle. Many people forget that these people – who have left their homes and families – are humans, just like we are. Some of us complain if worked for 10 hours one day, but forget that we have someone working 24 hours a day everyday at home. And when they get home, the orders just keep on shooting at these servants like a tennis-ball launcher.

Recently I have been reading up on Queen Nazli of Egypt, and I was amazed at her life story (I guess I’ll dedicate a post to that soon). Basically, she once lived as one of the wealthiest and most luxurious women of all time with 3 titles to her name, and the biggest and most valuable jewelry collection in the world. Years later, she ended up exiled, dead in a studio apartment in New York as a poor old woman. Her story kept me thinking.

Money comes and goes, and what goes around comes around.


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that’s true some people abuse maids
what about the employers rights
when the maid doesn’t carry on her work appropriately or breaks expansive items just out of hate and envy
I’m not telling you to abuse maids but what i’m saying is I’m fed up and tiered about hearing about labor rights.
we are all in the labor category i mean we all work in a way or other.
i bust my @$$ at work every day from 7:30 sharp till 3pm and get shitty attitude at work and to top that all everyday they change work polices with stupid dump ones.

one more thing maid’s are way over paid in Kuwait.

65Kd a month (that’s 10% of the average salary an employee gets)
+ return ticket costing around 150KD
+ 2 months salary as bonus at the end of period
+ free accommodation
+ free food (good stuff not cheap brands)
+ free medical
+ free clothing + hygienic products and other stuff

don’t forget paying 580Kd + stamps in the first place to get her in Kuwait

at the end of 2years she rob stuff before flying home and breaks expansive chaina

Comment by nasser

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