The Kuwaiti Parking Solution
October 28, 2009, 3:35 AM
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You know how you park your car in the Kuwaiti heat during the day? And when you come back, even plastic cups manage to melt. Well you see how powerful our sun is? I have no idea why we don’t use that in a productive way!

Envision Solar company company came up with this solar grove. Basically, its a shade with solar panels on top of a parking shade that collect solar energy. It is also a impermeable shade that will relatively protect the cars from the heat of the sun, UV rays and rain.

Above is a picture of Dell company’s parking lot. The solar panels collect the power that generates the company’s facility. Also, they inserted chargers stands to re-charge electric cars parked – I think that’s too advanced for us.

Such ideas should save us from the hassle of Tarsheed and co..




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truee. we have as much sun as oil to use for power..! plus its getting too polluted..

Comment by Ali M.

Ali, I heard that some Kuwaitis are starting to use solar panels in their homes, big step!

Comment by ayiruon

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