Stylish Crutches by Can Guvenir
October 15, 2009, 3:40 PM
Filed under: Random

Ok, so we’ve heard of stylish phones, home accessories, watches, computers but crutches?! I think this is a marvelous idea! Really, so many people hurt their selves in the course of a lifetime. And no matter what you wear, the crutches were used to seeing just aren’t pretty to the eyes. I think this should be brought to Kuwait, and yes, I can imagine it being the new “habba” – especially in schools where there is always someone walking around with one. I remember my last years in school, the trend was guys coming in pimped wheelchairs – seriously!

Yes, I do think it is a bit funny. But why not feel good, by having something cool like this even when your hurt?



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i thnk im gna break my leg to get thosee!

Comment by 3zz

I told u it will be the next trend:p

Comment by ayiruon

nope it’ll be my next trend:p

Comment by 3zz

get me one so i can have an excuse to break my leg:p

Comment by 3zz

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