Quest for a camera
October 7, 2009, 2:29 AM
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So, I live abroad. And I think it is essential to have a camera. Ok lets rephrase this, it is bluntly STUPID that I don’t have a camera! But I’ll let you on a secret? The last time I owned and actually carried a camera with me is I think was 5 years ago. You may think I don’t have many pictures, but BEIEVE me I have more pictures than you can imagine! I have always been surrounded by family and friends obsessed with photography. Why get a camera when you can have a photographer following you everywhere? I lived off this, till now.. Im living the solo life and Im looking for a camera. But I guess I’ll have to suffer from not being in the pictures as much as I used to.

Im used to having really high quality pictures and I’m looking to keep it that way. I tried the Cannon G10 but I still believe that SLRs take better pictures. If I were to get an SLR I’m definitely going to get a Nikon. But I know its gonna be a hassle taking it around with me everywhere. So I think a more compact one would be more suitable. So, I’m in between the Cannon G10 and the Leica M3. Cannon has released their new G11, but I found out that the G10 has higher megapixels (around 14.9 I think?) while the G11 is down by more than 3 megapixels. Do you think higher sensitivity but lower megapixels would produce a better picture? Or stick by the higher megapixel? I will probably have to ask around for that.. I am also going to look for other options to widen my choices. And talking about camera specs is making me feel like a tech savvy person – I’m not!

In addition, I am also considering a vintage camera to give me that special effect. But that should come after I get a digital one I can use on a daily basis.

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When i first heard that canon’s G11 has less megapixel than its G10 i was shocked. But after googling I realized that the G11 has better features than its G10 and higher megapixel just means that i can print pictures up to a billboard size. Honestly, it wont differ with us because mostly we print pics that are album sized.
My brother purchased the G11, and lets just say that i’m glad he did. The pictures it captured are spectacular, and thank god we had it on hand in or recent vacation because we took amazing pics with it. Quite honestly, i suggest that you purchase a G11 (Its Portable + captures amazing pics). Bigger cameras will be difficult to carry all day long.

Comment by N

N: you know what else is cool about the G11? The LCD screen on it can be flipped. Perfect for us people who take pictures of ourselves:p Unfortunately, I already got the G10, but guess I’ll continue using it till I decide to invest in the white Leica M8 – I am falling for that piece of plastic..

Comment by ayiruon

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